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Appraisal by FourteenFish

Clarity & RCGP Appraisal toolkit for GPs

MAGMAF4.2 for Medical Appraisal 2020

(You may receive a message to say that your PDF viewer is unable to display this type of document - simply download the file from the message screen, save it, and open your saved version to begin using).

Useful Forms:

What to include in your Appraisal: A useful information sheet with guidelines for time-efficient Appraisal preparation.

Having an Appraiser for a Fourth Appraisal: If you feel a fourth consecutive meeting with the same Appraiser would be appropriate, please submit the required form to us for consideration.

SUPPORTS: This new QA tool replaces PROGRESS as of October 2020.

PDP Template 2022: A framework to help get you started.

Becoming an Appraiser with Wessex: If this is something that interests you, download an application form here.

Performer Management User Guide: Find 'A Guide To Updating Your Performers' List Record using PCSE Online' here.

NPL3 National Performers' List Change Notification Form: Change in registered address, practice within existing area team, or status of inclusion.

REV10 (pdf) Revalidation Annual Return for Doctors without a Responsible Officer or Suitable Person.

REV12 (pdf) Revalidation Appraiser Report Form for Doctors who do not have a connection to a designated body or approved Suitable Person.

Useful Websites:

There is a wealth of information available out there, but searching for it can be time-consuming so we have tried to provide some for you here. Click the logos to visit the main sites, or use the links to be taken to more specific information.


AOMRC logo

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (the Academy) is the coordinating body for the UK and Ireland’s 23 medical Royal Colleges and Faculties. They ensure that patients are safely and properly cared for by setting standards for the way doctors are educated, trained, and monitored throughout their careers.

GMC logo

The GMC works to protect patient safety and to improve medical education and practice across the UK. The GMC works with doctors, employers, educators and patients to achieve high standards of care. They set standards for students and doctors acorss the UK, supporting them in achieving and exceeding those standards, and taking action when they are not met.

RCGP logo

The RCGP is the professional membership body for GPs in the UK, and our very own Service Director, Dr Susi Caesar, is their Medical Director of Revalidation. Their purpose is to encourage, foster and maintain the highest possible standards in general medical practice. The RCGP supports GPs through all stages of their career, from medical students considering general practice, through to training, qualified years and retirement.

NHS Rainbow logo

The NHS - National Health Service - needs no introduction. It was launched on July 5th 1948 and, as of 2018, its 70th birthday, it was the world's 5th largest employer. The NHS England website contains a wealth of information. Click on the logo to visit the main site, or use the links below for more specific information.

Practioner Health

Practitioner Health is a free, confidential NHS service for doctors and dentists across England with mental illness and addiction problems, who are working or looking to return to clinical practice. The service can help with issues relating to a mental health concern, including stress or depression or an addiction problem, in particular where these might affect work. The service is provided by health professionals specialising in mental health support to doctors and is available in various locations across England. Click their logo above to visit the main site.

BMA logo

The BMA represents, supports, and negotiates on behalf of all UK doctors and medical students. They are member-run and led, fighting for the best terms and conditions, as well as lobbying and campaigning on the issues impacting the medical profession.

RMBF logo

The RMBF provides support for doctors and their families through all stages of their career and beyond. Their help ranges from financial assistance in the form of grants and loans, to a telephone befriending scheme for those who may be isolated and in need of support. Nobody is immune to misfortune and each individual’s need is different. Each applicant is assessed according to their needs by their Case Committee and decisions are made quickly and in confidence to create a tailored package of support.

Drs in Distress logo

Doctors in Distress is inspired by the tragic case of a brilliant and compassionate consultant cardiologist who died in November 2018. He worked to the point of burn-out and could only see one way to escape his suffering. He left behind a loving family, colleagues, and a lasting memory with the patients he treated. Medics in the UK (and indeed elsewhere) are under enormous pressure and workload, and the NHS is widely perceived as a system that is resource-constrained. As a result, this charity was created to raise awareness of the value of medical professionals' health and wellbeing, and the need to care for those who care for us. 

GP Online logo

GPonline provides daily news, information, and guidance on all the issues that affect GPs in their working lives. They aim to support GPs in their day-to-day practice, helping them to understand the changing NHS in which they work and offering practical advice for doctors at all stages of their career.

Red Whale logo

Red Whale's mission is to provide you with the best quality medical education in the UK (and abroad through their Social Enterprise PCI), creating content that you can put into practice straight away, making your life a little bit easier and enabling you to provide your patients with the best care possible.

Wessex LMCs logo

Wessex Local Medical Committees (LMCs) is the only representative body, recognised by statute, for GPs and their Practices, operating across the counties of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, Dorset, Wiltshire, and North East Somerset. Their site offers a vast amount of brilliant support, resources, and advice.

  • Wessex LMCs Podcasts - the world of general practice is becoming busier and busier, so why not listen to one of these audio podcasts whilst you are driving, at the gym, or during a break? Full of good ideas, they will challenge your thoughts and introduce you to interesting people and projects, all to support you in your work in general practice. 
  • 90:10 - The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do For Your Stress - a short but absorbing YouTube 'visual lecture' by Dr Mike Evans.


Dr Andrew Tresidder is a GP and GP Appraiser with experience in Medical School teaching (Bristol), Pastoral Care and support of Doctors (South West England), and past Mental Health, Police and Prison work. He has shared widely on Health and Self Care for the BMA Local Engagement Project, NHS England ROs and Appraisers, GPs and GP Trainers, SAS Doctors, Consultants, F1s, Medical Students and other professional groups.

Other Information:

Our Newsletters:

The Wessex Appraisal Service 'Supporting Our Professionals' series of newsletters was produced weekly throughout the pandemic's suspension period, with the aim of keeping our Appraisers and Appraisees in the know by pulling together lots of useful links and information into one place, to offer as much support and advice as possible during a very difficult and unprecedented set of circumstances. 

Our 'Support Matters' series of information sheets was also produced to offer support to all of our busy Appraisers and Appraisees during the COVID crisis.