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Commissioning Us

Wessex Appraisal Service is proud to offer a range of Appraisal and Quality Assurance services, which include:

  • Full delivery of an appraisal service from the initial allocation of an appropriately-trained and supported Appraiser to the Doctor, through to a quality-assured evaluation of the appraisal outputs.
  • Facilitating independent appraisals for doctors with no prescribed connection to standards accepted by the GMC, as appropriate for doctors registering by the direct route.
  • Formative quality assurance of appraisal outputs by appraisers, providing feedback to help improve the quality of the appraisal summary and PDP produced.
  • Summative quality assurance of the final appraisal portfolio before the revalidation recommendation is made, to ensure that all GMC requirements are met.
  • A full suite of training opportunities for new and current appraisers.