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Appraisal 2020

Thank you to everyone involved in the design and testing of the new Medical Appraisal 2020 process.

The (first) temporary suspension of appraisals due to COVID-19 created space to re-balance the appraisal process to meet all of the GMC requirements for revalidation, while focusing more on you and your needs. This may be your first chance to debrief about the impact of the pandemic with a trained colleague. Moving to this process will allow you to make the most of it. The best appraisals have always supported the personal and professional development, as well as the health and wellbeing of doctors.

We ask you to ensure that your focused reflection beforehand is streamlined, the documentation you provide is minimised, and the discussion is focused on your development not documentation. We hope to provide you with the most valuable appraisal you've ever had.

For all of us who want a framework to reassure ourselves that we have the right protections in place for our patients and ourselves, here is the Factors for Consideration Structured Reflective Template (FFC SRT), developed by the AoMRC and RCGP. Using this template prompts our thoughts about different aspects of keeping up-to-date for what we actually do. Whether it's completed in writing, or the questions used as prompts for verbal reflection, utilise it in whatever way is most helpful to you. 

Please find at the top of this page, our latest newsletter on the restart of Appraisals in October 2020.

The latest QA tool 'SUPPORTS' has been added in pdf form as a guide.