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Appraisal Professional Support Unit (APSU)

It's wonderful to feel supported! 

In these difficult and unprecedented times, it's more essential than ever to know that support is there if you need it. So, in response to COVID-19, we recognise the need to provide Medical Educators and Appraisers in Wessex with access to additional support. You are busy supporting others in a wide variety of roles and we want to offer you the support you need, in a similar way to the support provided by the Wessex Professional Support Unit (PSU) for trainees.

The School of Primary Care and the Wessex Appraisal Service have come together to form an Appraisal Professional Support Unit (APSU) to which you can self-refer during the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope that this will offer you formative support when you need/want it, rather than once a year.

If you feel you'd like to make use of the APSU, please email us at and mark it CONFIDENTIAL. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

We also recommend visiting the NHS Practitioner Health Events Calendar for upcoming wellbeing events, including webinars, meetings, podcasts and more.