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Do you want exceptional appraisals, facilitated by outstanding appraisers?

We work all across the UK, including the Channel Islands and Gibraltar, and we offer remote appraisals, so no-one can be considered 'too far away'. To commission us and benefit from our expertise, please get in touch.

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CEO and Director, Dr Susi Caesar delivering a keynote presentation at the Academy of Medical Educator (AoME) Summer Academic Meeting

AoME Summer Academic Meeting 2022


MAG 2022

The Medical Appraisal Guide 2022 (MAG 2022) launched on June 8th. With the COVID-19 pandemic behind us, this is the next step forward in appraisals building upon the successes of 'Appraisal 2020'.

To learn more about it, please visit the AoMRC's dedicated webpage.


MAG 2022

The one thing that I have noticed is that the doctors feel more empowered after their appraisals, which then drives positive change." Dr Richard Baynham, Suitable Person for Gibraltar, July 2022

“Aided in focusing on specific quality improvement projects that will be useful for the service development of the department” Taken from Appraisal Feedback, September 2023

“I've always felt the sessions with my appraiser have been helpful and constructive. He has clearly taken the time to read my entries beforehand and shown as much interest in my personal well being and professional goals and how the two are linked.” Taken from Appraisal Feedback, September 2023

“As usual - a very useful and valuable process delivered by an excellent appraiser... Many thanks” Taken from Appraisal Feedback, September 2023

"I am actually looking forward to my next appraisal with less trepidation and think will I enjoy the interaction again." Taken from Appraisal Feedback, September 2023