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We work all across the UK, including the Channel Islands and Gibraltar, and we offer remote appraisals, so no-one can be considered 'too far away'. To commission us and benefit from our expertise, please get in touch.

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CEO and Director, Dr Susi Caesar delivering a keynote presentation at the Academy of Medical Educator (AoME) Summer Academic Meeting


AoME Summer Academic Meeting 2022


Good Medical Practice 2024

The GMC Good Medical Practice 2024 sets out the standards of patient care and professional behavior expected from all doctors. These are the new standards to which we will all be held, so, make sure you are comfortable that you know what they are!

To learn more about it, please visit the GMC's dedicated webpage.

Good Medical Practice 2024

The one thing that I have noticed is that the doctors feel more empowered after their appraisals, which then drives positive change." Dr Richard Baynham, Previous Suitable Person for Gibraltar, July 2022

"I think in a day and age where being a GP is demanding of you in so many ways and can be such an isolating profession that we are so lucky to have an appraisal system that allows us to self reflect and stop and slow down. Having the compassion and care and intuitive questions from my appraiser makes me feel so lucky and after the process it really did make me stop and think and evaluate everything.  Thank you, two small words and no measure of my deep gratitude.” Taken from Appraisal Feedback, January 2024

"Professional, pleasant, comprehensive, fair and balanced…" Taken from Appraisal Feedback, January 2024

“My appraiser has been consistently supportive over my appraisal period with her. She is a great active listener and is able to encourage reflective conversation. I felt well supported and listened to. She made the process easy, and was particularly helpful in creating a realistic and focused PDP.” Taken from Appraisal Feedback, January 2024

"I have rated my appraiser as outstanding as she had obviously taken time and care to think about me. This came across during the meeting, and her preparation was valuable and very much appreciated." Taken from Appraisal Feedback, January 2024

“It is a pleasure to meet with my appraiser. Her preparation, attention to detail and ability to understand my rather atypical job is first class. She listens and has a clear understanding of the challenges of working on a small island. Her report is incredibly detailed and accurate.” Taken from Appraisal Feedback, January 2024