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We work all across the UK, including the Channel Islands and Gibraltar, and we offer remote appraisals, so no-one can be considered 'too far away'. To commission us and benefit from our expertise, please get in touch.


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CEO and Director, Dr Susi Caesar delivering a keynote presentation at the Academy of Medical Educator (AoME) Summer Academic Meeting

AoME Summer Academic Meeting 2022


MAG 2022

The Medical Appraisal Guide 2022 (MAG 2022) launched on June 8th. With the COVID-19 pandemic behind us, this is the next step forward in appraisals building upon the successes of 'Appraisal 2020'.

To learn more about it, please visit the AoMRC's dedicated webpage.


MAG 2022

[My Appraiser] was very well prepared, very good at establishing rapport, supportive, celebratory, yet still gently getting me to look at a few things in my work that aren’t going so well. I felt this was one of the best appraisals I have ever had and felt energised and positive after it. Taken from Appraisal Feedback, April 2021.

I felt the appraisal process was much improved, much more focus on supporting the individual GP and less emphasis on the supporting information..... I felt I mattered, rather than the process. Taken from Appraisal Feedback, April 2021.

I am most grateful to you, and the appraisers, for all the advice and support you have given me over the last six years of appraisal. Having been so cynical about the value of appraisal in such a limited and non-clinical role as mine, I was very pleasantly surprised to find that I found the experience both enjoyable and worthwhile – my thanks to you all. Dr Nicholas Allen, former Medical Referee for Southampton Crematorium.

Having moved from doing appraisals elsewhere in the NHS and outside, I can say that the service you lead has been a completely different organism. Your focus on the appraisee, the support you have organised for appraisers, and the effectiveness of the whole organisation here in Wessex is amazing. I am sad to go but it has been a very enjoyable part of my professional life. Dr Steve Pratt, GP in Totton, former Wessex Appraiser, and Editorial Board Member Red Whale.