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Resources Hub

Whether you are an Appraiser or and Appraisee this is a curated location to find all the details that you might want on the appraisal process alongside the latest research on appraisals. 


We've arranged the resources that are available into four core areas to make sure accessing the information you're looking for is as straightforward as possible:

Core appraisal resources

Aiming to condense the most critical appraisal guidance and information into one area, this should be the primary destination for all doctors engaging in the appraisal process.

Appraisal Research Papers and dissertations

This database is a curated collection of published research into appraisals. Placing the latest research alongside core works that have are central to the way that appraisals have developed since their inception. 

Presentations and Posters

We are proud of the work that not only our team but also others are doing in taking key talking points to national conferences. To support that we are hosting the output of their efforts here in the form of the posters and presentations that they have presented throughout the years.


Our two newsletters lie at the core of how Wessex Appraisal Service Ltd interacts with both our own appraisers and doctors but also those outside our circle with hot topics from the appraisal world and taking points raised by our appraisers being addressed in bite sized chunks.