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Engagement with Appraisal

For a downloadable/printable pdf version of the following information, please click HERE.

This section covers the practicalities of the appraisal process including requirements for remaining on the National Performers’ List, any long-term absence from the workplace or the country, and other queries you may have.

This FAQ section should be read in conjunction with those for Appraisees - Supporting Information and Filling in the Paperwork.

I am a recently qualified GP. When should my first appraisal be and who will be my designated body for revalidation?

Once your change of status from GP Registrar has been confirmed to us from NHS England and NHS Improvement, you will be flagged up to us and added to the appraisal process. Your first appraisal normally will be between 10 and 12 months from your CCT, although if you have been allocated an Approved Missed appraisal due to COVID-19 in 2020, this may be changed to ensure that you benefit from a supportive appraisal sooner rather than later. Even though the process should happen automatically, we would encourage you to contact us directly so that we can confirm we have received and actioned your change in status.

Doctors in training are all linked to Health Education England and have their Postgraduate Dean as their Responsible Officer, until they pass their final ARCP and receive their Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT). Fully-qualified GPs who are on the National Performers’ List in England and working for the NHS in the Hampshire and Isle of Wight area have NHS England South East as their designated body, while those working within the Dorset area have NHS England South West as their designated body.

Please note: it is your responsibility to check the connection has been made correctly through GMC connect.

If you have any questions about the process please contact us.

I am approaching my appraisal month, however I am currently on maternity leave/sick leave/sabbatical. Can I postpone my appraisal until I return to work?

The appraisal year runs from 1st April to March 31st. You are expected to engage in the annual appraisal process, and the appraisal meeting must take place by March 31st to be included within the appraisal year.

If you cannot meet the requirement to have your annual appraisal within the appraisal year, you will need prior agreement from the Responsible Officer for your designated body to have an “Approved Missed” appraisal for that year. This agreement will not be unreasonably withheld but it is important to complete the documentation and provide an explanation that can be linked to your record. Please contact your Appraisal Administrator for further information on how to apply for a postponement or an “Approved Missed” appraisal.

Remember that there is no need to do extra work while you are off – your supporting information should be proportional to the time in work since your last appraisal.

I have been paired with an appraiser who is a GP at the practice where I am a patient. Is it appropriate to continue with the appraisee/appraiser relationship or would this be classed as a conflict of interest?

Both parties have an opportunity to veto the other when the allocations are sent and we usually accept that the best people to judge conflicts are the two doctors involved. If they are confident they could have a satisfactory and impartial appraisal and they declare the risk openly and explain why they feel comfortable to go ahead, then this would be acceptable.

If the relationship changes at any time, for example, the doctor has needed to seek medical advice from the appraiser as a GP, then a request for reallocation would be appropriate. Having a potential GP/patient relationship is not the same as having an actual one.

However, where the appraiser is a patient at the doctor’s practice, this would be seen as a conflict of interest and that makes the pairing inappropriate, as they might learn things about the practice that changed their relationship with their own GP.

I have recently moved into the Wessex area and want to ensure that my appraisal is sorted for when due. How do I ensure I’m contacted?

Firstly, welcome to Wessex!

If you’ve moved from another NHS England Area Office, have you completed the forms to make the change on the National Performers’ List? You'll need to contact Primary Care Support England (PCSE) directly to complete their online form and make sure that they have your correct information for the National Performers' List. You can contact them here.

Have you changed your Designated Body on your GMC account?

If the answer to both of these is “yes”, then please forward a copy of the correspondence that you have sent to us at

We will then follow up with the Wessex Area Office to check that things are in process and that we can offer you an appraisal. This shouldn’t prove to be a problem but we do have to check. If you haven’t already done so, please contact us anyway and we can let you have the correct form to complete and make the Wessex Area Office aware of your move into area. Unfortunately, informing one organisation doesn’t lead straight into notification to another. If in any doubt, contact us and we’ll confirm what you need to do.

I’m going to be moving away from Wessex and will need to have my appraisal in my new area. Is there anything I need to do?

Are you moving to a GP role in England? If so, have you completed the correct form to transfer to your new Area Office? This is the NPL2. You'll need to contact Primary Care Support England directly to complete this form and make sure that they have your correct information for the National Performers' List. You can contact them here. This should be all you need to do. Once the move has been completed, you will be notified of this by the PCSE and your new Area Office should be in touch.

If moving outside England, you’ll need to complete an NPL3. Depending on whether you’re moving to another NHS organisation in Wales, Scotland, or Northern Ireland or another sector, you will have to ensure that you have contacted the appropriate team for your new role about your appraisal. If you have any further questions, please do ask as we will help where we can.

With increasing numbers of practices merging, is it appropriate to arrange an appraisal discussion with an appraiser working within the same merged or federating practices?

The way healthcare is delivered locally and nationally is changing. Increasingly, we are seeing GP practices merging, federating, or otherwise working together to deliver more efficient care to patients.

This raises the question of conflict in appraisal. If you are a doctor working in a practice which is affiliated in some way to another practice, is there a conflict of interest if you are being appraised by a doctor from that other practice?

If you consider that the relationship you have with another doctor, whether professional or personal, is too close or otherwise too difficult for you to be able to be appraised by them objectively, please let us know and we will add a “conflict” on our system and reallocate where necessary.

I have moved to another country within the UK so may not be completing my appraisal within Wessex. What is the process to engage in appraisal at my new location if applicable?

You will need to contact the appropriate team to confirm your arrival.

Where you undertake your main service delivery will be where you complete your appraisal. Therefore, you can and should remain on the National Performers’ List for England and your new country if you will be delivering services in the two countries.

If your main service delivery is in another country and you choose to be on both lists, you will need to inform us of your appraisal date and send us a copy of your appraisal documentation, when complete, to keep your record active. This way, your record will be fully up-to-date for purposes of your inclusion on the England National Performers' List.

If you need to resign from the list in England, please email, copied to who manage the National Performers’ List. You will need to complete a form NPL3

I am planning on giving up General Practice or taking an extended career break. Should I wish to return, would I have to be classed as a ‘returner’ or is there an alternative option? How many surgeries do I need to complete to stay on the National Performers’ List and would I still need an annual appraisal?

The GP Induction & Refresher scheme is for anyone who has been out of practice for more than two years. An alternative option to consider would be the GP Retention Scheme where there is more flexibility.

Currently the requirements for the National Performers’ List are that you have worked for the NHS in that area in the past 12 months. If you are on the National Performers’ List, you are entitled to an annual appraisal.

I am a doctor looking to retire from a practice and hoping to do some locum work. How do I keep up-to-date and ensure there is sufficient and appropriate supporting evidence for my annual appraisal? I also have a role as an appraiser and want to ensure I have sufficient evidence from this role to bring to the appraisal too.

If doing locum work, you would need to do the same as any other GP – CPD, QIA, feedback, and declare any significant events and complaints.

If not doing any clinical work but only appraisal work, the scope of work is restricted to appraisal and you would only need to provide material related to being an appraiser. If you are a Wessex-based appraiser, details are provided in the annual performance review information which you will have been provided with, so only a reflection on this is needed. However for appraiser roles elsewhere, evidence will need to be collated and shared.

I have decided to fully retire from clinical work for the NHS. Who do I need to inform to be removed from the National Performers' List?

Please inform Primary Care Support England (email, who manage the National Performers’ List, copied to if you are working in the Wessex area, You will need to complete a form NPL3

I am considering leaving NHS work and practicing as a private GP only. How does this affect my appraisal?

If you plan to completely move to become a private GP, you can request to be removed from the National Performers’ List.

You do need to participate in annual appraisal and there are various organisations you can approach. Alternatively, you can request to remain to be appraised with Wessex Appraisal Service on an independent basis.

I am a GP who has not worked in the UK for more than one year. Does this affect my appraisal and is there any additional action I need to take?

Your appraisal is not affected, however you need to advise the Responsible Officer team that you have not worked as a UK GP for more than one year. You should be coming off the National Performers’ List and relinquishing your GMC licence to practice. You can still remain registered without a licence and if you return to practice in the UK, you can apply to have your licence restored. You should ensure that any feedback you provide as part of your supporting information is based on UK general practice.

The form required to come off the Performers' List is an NPL3  and information concerning re-entering the UK via the Induction & Refresher Scheme here.

For information on revalidating whilst working outside of the UK, the GMC website may be of use.

I am a doctor who has never worked - or who hasn’t for a number of years worked - in the UK, although I have a licence to practice in the UK. I need to revalidate but I don’t have a designated body. Can the Wessex Appraisal Service help?

You will need to revalidate by the direct route via the GMC if you have never worked in the UK. For information on revalidating, the GMC website may be of use.

The Wessex Appraisal Service can provide medical appraisals for revalidation appropriate for the annual appraisal element of demonstrating that you are up-to-date and fit to practice. However, we do not provide a designated body or Responsible Officer function and are not able to make revalidation recommendations. If you simply need an annual appraisal to help you prepare your appraisal and revalidation portfolio of supporting information and ensure that you are revalidation ready, then we would be happy to help. Please contact us for further information.

I am a doctor with no designated body. How do I submit a revalidation portfolio direct to the GMC with a REV10 form?

Here is a link to the REV10 (pdf) form which you will need to complete. You will need to log into your GMC online account and you should be asked to 'submit your annual return'. The site will then ask you for details about your appraisal and all the subcategories (eg significant events, feedback etc) that have been discussed and covered during your appraisal. The site should allow you to upload your appraisal information and appraiser outputs with all the attachments so that all your supporting information is available to them.

Who can look at my appraisal document?

Please click here to see a briefing document explaining who has access to your documentation produced by the team.

How do I contact Primary Care Support England (PCSE) to tell them about my change in area or retirement?

Please contact PCSE to let them know you are changing area or retiring. Their website can found here. Their frequently asked questions can be found here.