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Becoming an Appraiser with Wessex

At Wessex Appraisal Service, we are always delighted to hear from people who are interested in joining our team of appraisers. If you're one of these people and would like to learn more about how you can get involved with offering high quality appraisals to your colleagues, read on!

We provide a fair and transparent recruitment procedure that allows all doctors wishing to be appraisers and who fit the eligibility criteria to attend a summative two-day New Appraiser Training (NAT) course. The training we deliver is consistent across the NHS England South region.

Usually we would deliver two New Appraiser Training courses during a year. However this year (2021), we will be delivering three, the first of which is June and now closed. Dates for September are confirmed as 6th and 21st September (for the teaching days). Remaining dates will be 18th November and 9th December - still open but filling up. If you are interested in applying, please do complete the application form and send it in.

To be considered for any course, you will need:

  • To complete and return an application form (this will download as a Word doc)
  • Be shortlisted against agreed criteria
  • Be invited to and attend an interview
  • Be invited to and attend the two day training course

If during the training you demonstrate all the core competencies required, you will be engaged to provide three probationary appraisals in the first instance. This is a supportive and formative function provided by a Senior Appraiser to enable any early concerns or difficulties to be addressed promptly. It also allows new appraisers to reassure themselves that this is a role that they wish to pursue.

If you are interested in becoming an appraiser, please review the following documents:

These documents will give you an overview of the requirements of the appraiser role.

Within Wessex, it would be usual for any appraiser to:

  • Complete the Service average number of appraisals – around 12 – each year
  • Participate in the mandatory Continuing Professional Development (2 sessions of CPD to be completed by attending a combination of Annual Conference, support groups, online training if applicable and appropriate)
  • Review their position three years after their initial training by attending a Current Appraiser Skills Assessment (CASA) course, and then every five years

If you would like to know more, please do get in touch.