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Your Appraiser

Before your nominated Appraisal month, you will be notified by automated email - usually three months ahead - that it is time to plan your Appraisal, and you will be given the name and contact details of your allocated Appraiser. The email should also provide the name and contact details of an Appraisal Service Administrator.

Your Appraiser will likewise be notified and given your contact details (usually an email address and contact numbers).

Having the same Appraiser for continuity

For continuity, you will normally be allocated the same Appraiser for three consecutive years. If, for any reason, you would prefer to be allocated a different Appraiser, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will accommodate this. It is extremely important that you feel comfortable with the person you are meeting.

Having the same Appraiser for a fourth time

Appraisal policy is that you should have at least two different Appraisers in each five-year Revalidation cycle; it is standard practice to have the same Appraiser for a maximum of three years before being allocated someone else. In exceptional circumstances, it may be appropriate for you to have a fourth Appraisal with the same Appraiser. If you feel you would benefit from this, you will need to complete this form and send it to for the consideration of the senior W.A.S. team, with notice to your Designated Body/Responsible Officer for the reasoning behind it. If submitting a form, you should receive acknowledgement within 48 (working) hours, and the outcome of the decision within a further five working days.