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Other Services

We have recently received requests to offer these services from existing clients. After investigation, we are ready to offer these opportunities more widely.

Responsible Officer (RO) / Designated Body / Suitable Person (SP) services

Dr Susi Caesar has completed Responsible Officer training and is a fully up to date to offer these services, this service dovetails nicely with our ability to provide outstanding appraisals.  

External QA

We have the highest standards when assessing our own internal appraisals using the SUPPORTS QI tool. We can offer the opportunity to have your own appraisals treated with the same scrutiny in an external audit performed by us. An External QA assessment is an essential part of of safeguarding the quality of your appraisals and can be used to demonstrate to capability of your appraisals.


If you are interested in either of these services please reach out to our Accounts Director, Thomas Pierce to open a discussion. His details can be found on the Meet the Team page.