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Appraiser Training

We have facilitated appraiser training for twenty years, continually testing and refining our highly interactive and impactful courses. Appraisers trained by us have a strong ethos that appraisal can, and should, support and empower doctors. To be successful, they have to confidently demonstrate their skills across all the core appraiser competencies. 

Our most recent courses have been updated to reflect the AoMRC Medical Appraisal Guide 2022 and can be adapted to match your specific requirements. We provide:

New Appraiser Training (NAT):

a two-day course for delegates who have received no previous formal appraiser training. By including direct observation and individual feedback, this day allows potential appraisers to demonstrate their existing skills and to develop them further.

It is summative, which ensures that only those candidates who can demonstrate that they have all the core appraisal competencies go forward to become appraisers.

NAT can be undertaken in person, or with the first day in person and the second day remotely, or entirely remotely, depending on what best suits your organisation. We strongly recommend that at least the first day is in person. 

Current Appraiser Skills Assessment (CASA):

a one-day course providing experienced appraisers with an exciting and challenging opportunity to benchmark their existing appraiser skills against nationally-agreed competencies. It provides robust summative assessment and feedback about current levels of competence, followed by targeted skills development exercises. It can be undertaken in person, or remotely.

  • Bespoke training courses:

  • from one-hour remote drop-in training sessions, to half or whole day events, these are designed to meet training needs that we know are common themes, or identified by you. These could cover, for example:

    • Putting the ‘praise’ in appraisal - appreciative inquiry and the power of objective affirmation

    • Personal Development Planning - building goals that inspire and empower 

    • Writing efficient and effective appraisal summaries that meet the needs of the doctor, the next appraiser and the RO

    • Dealing with difficult appraisals

    • Raising awareness of unconscious bias and how it affects us

    • Using the ‘How are you?’ score effectively

All our training can be customised to your requirements. Costs for NAT and CASA are normally based on twelve participants, either commissioned bespoke for your organisation, or provided for individual delegates. In many circumstances, there is great added value from training doctors from different disciplines together, although we are equally happy to work within a single organisation to meet a specific need. Please contact our  Training Director to discuss your requirements and how we can help you.