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Commissioning Appraisals

Many of you will know of our previous incarnation under the name of Health Education England Wessex Appraisal Service, we like to think that that name stood for the highest quality of appraisals in the UK. The new Wessex Appraisal Service Ltd is committed to continuing to offer the same level of dedication to the process of refining and enhancing the appraisal experience.

If you are the Responsible Officer for a Designated Body or an Independent Doctor looking for a single appraisal we can offer an appraisal system designed to support you.

Appraisals for Designated Bodies

Please follow this link or more information on appraisals for Designated bodies.

Appraisals for Independent Doctors

Please follow this link or more information on appraisals for Designated bodies.


How we deliver top quality appraisals

We are highly invested in ensuring that our appraisers are of the highest standard. An essential ingredient in being able to provide the 'gold standard' in appraisals. To facilitate this we have a series of processes in place to ensure that our appraisers are always learning and finding new ways to develop as appraisers.


Our appraisers are required to complete our Current Appraiser Skills Assessment on a 5 year cycle to demonstrate in a summative assessment that they are still meeting our standards.

Internal Quality Insurance:

We also run a random sample of each appraisers write ups for our commissioners through our internal Quality Insurance tool SUPPORTS QI.

Appraisee Feedback:

All our appraisees are invited to feedback on their appraisers performance once their appraisal has been completed. This feedback is essential to understanding how our appraisees felt during the appraisal process. We are pleased to have had 96.5% 'outstanding' and 'very good' responses in 2022/23 when asking appraisees to rate our appraisers skills across a range of core appraisal competencies.

External QA Report:

Finally, we are regularly engage in external Quality Assessment (QA) of our appraisal outputs to ensure that our internal assessment is inline with the UK standard. Our latest external QA  was completed in Q1 2022, you can view the report and read its findings HERE.

Commissioning Us For Your Appraisals

If you are interested in commissioning our service to provide appraisals for either yourself or your doctors please reach out to our accounts director Thomas Pierce.

His details can be found on our Meet the Team page