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Appraiser CPD

Continued professional Development is essential in any role but for appraisers it is particularly critical right now. 

In the wake of the disruption caused to the medical sector by the COVID-19 pandemic, appraisers are in a critical position to ensure that our healthcare professionals continue to maintain the health and wellbeing to practice safely and effectively.

In response to the pandemic the core approach to appraisals has been updated twice, first in Appraisal 2020 that aimed to ease the transition as appraisals were restarted and in the most recent guidance from the GMC in the Medical Appraisal Guide 2022. 

We offer a variety of Appraiser CPD packages designed to fit in with the lives of appraisers:

MAG 2022 Update

If you are looking to get up to speed with MAG 2022 and what it means for your appraisals there is no better place than with the Wessex Appraisal Service Ltd. Our CEO, Susi Caesar, lead the team that developed MAG 2022 and we are intimately familiar with the critical changes that it will bring to your appraisal practice and how to implement them efficiently to ensure that your appraisals are of the highest quality. Our MAG 2022 packages offer a one-to-one update on the latest guidance from the AoMRC.

Lunchtime Update

We know that appraisers do not have a lot of time, but if you want to update in manageable bite sized chunks, you can commission lunchtime updates where you and your appraisers will cover hot topics in the appraisal world and look at opportunities for maximising the potential of your appraisals in discussions led by one of our senior appraisers.

Support Group Access

As part of CPD for our own appraisers we run regular appraiser support group sessions, if you are interested in providing similar support please get in touch.

Enhanced Communication Skills

The team at Wessex have known that communication skills are an essential part of the appraisal process for a long time. Historically only offered to our own appraisers we are opening up access to our enhanced communication skills workshops. Work with trained actors to specifically target the most difficult moments in appraisals and develop a wealth of experience in tackling the most challenging situations. 

Bespoke Appraiser CPD

If you feel that you know what you want to focus on in a one-to-one targeted CPD session please let us know and we can work on designing a bespoke CPD package for you. Alternatively we can work with you to discover areas for improvement based on your current appraisal work and then tailor a CPD package to you.


If you are interested in any of our appraiser CPD packages please contact our Training Director Kat Pierce. You can find her details on our Meet The Team page.