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Frequently Asked Questions


You do not need to invoice for your appraisals. As soon as we have the completed documentation in FourteenFish, you will be added to the next pay run. These are at the end of each month from April to August and January to March, from September to December they are twice a month due to the higher number of appraisals. If you have not been paid in the month you completed the appraisal, please reach out to us, but it is most likely that you just missed the pay run cut off and have been added to the next one. Please also double check the documentation has been completely signed off!

Remote appraisals

Please use a secure conferencing tool to complete your remote appraisal. Wessex Appraisal Service Ltd. does not restrict you so you can use whichever you and your appraisee are comfortable with. For example: Teams, Zoom, Google Meets etc. There are instances where appraisals have been completed over WhatsApp, although this is uncommon. Remote appraisals work best when both people have video and can see each other so telephone only is not normally acceptable.

In-person appraisals

Most of our commissioners have commissioned remote appraisals. However, some doctors may prefer in person appraisals and you are welcome to offer that at your own expense in terms of travel on the mainland (or on Jersey and Guernsey if you are an on-island appraiser). If Jersey and Guernsey doctors request an in person appraisal from an off-island appraiser, they would be responsible for your travel costs. Gibraltar Health Authority reserves the right to request in-person appraisals and will pay a travel and accommodation allowance when they do.

Appraising for other providers

Here at Wessex we are very happy for you to be appraising for other providers and the NHS. We believe that any appraisal experience that will bring growth and new ideas to our appraisers is useful to you and to us.

Unexpected substitution

If you need to change the date and rearrange an appraisal for whatever reason, you can discuss this with the doctor, all you need to do is keep us in the loop. If you can’t rearrange the appraisal for a mutually convenient time, you can ask us to appoint another appraiser in your place. We will also try and allocate you another appraisee later in the year.


Wessex Appraisal Service Ltd. works for a variety of commissioners, including British Overseas Territories, Crown Protectorates, non-NHS Designated Bodies and Independent doctors. We will discuss each at the annual conference and develop resources informed by appraisers who have experience of appraising for them. If you are currently concerned about appraising for any of these commissions please contact us, and if you don’t feel comfortable we can reallocate. However, we know you are the best of the best and believe your appraisal skills are transferable across all of our commissions.