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What's New with Appraisals? A podcast you won't want to miss!

22 July 2021

Our Regional Director Dr Susi Caesar, and one of our Appraisers Dr Sue Warren, join Wessex LMCs Medical Director Dr Laura Edwards, to produce a highly informative podcast in which they discuss how the Appraisal Process has changed since the pandemic. They also talk about top tips for preparing for your Appraisal and what you should expect from the process. Other topics covered include CPD, the future direction of Appraisal, and where to go for further impartial support/coaching beyond your Appraisal. Many of the most common Appraisee FAQs are answered here, so please do have a listen to the podcast in full when you can spare around 20 minutes - perhaps while you drive or cook!

Susi is also a GP Locum, an Appraiser, and Chair of the Academy of Royal Colleges Professional Development Committee.

Sue is a GP Locum, PSU Case Manager, and clinician at Practitioner Health.

Find the podcast HERE.