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WAS External QA Review 2017-18

19 June 2018

We were delighted with the very positive findings in the External QA report conducted by Quarteds.

91 appraisers and 315 doctors responded to their surveys so we feel that the feedback received is a representative of how we are perceived. Compared with our previous External QA reports in 2009 and 2013, it is clear that doctors are under more pressure than ever before. While many find their appraisal very valuable in those circumstances, those that feel it is an additional burden express their views very forcefully. Although they are few in number, it is important to recognise this background of disquiet and for us to continue to do all we can to support our colleagues by facilitating meaningful discussions that are more than just tick-box exercises.

We were praised for having an educational rather than a regulatory ethos. Thank you for putting that across.

You can find a link to the complete report below.

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