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Appraisees Matter - Winter 2019/2020

22 January 2020

Very pleased to say that our Newsletter for all Appraisees has been emailed out.  Contents include:

  • Opportunity for February Appraisers to Pilot
  • Feed the Beast with Appraisal Dates
  • Appraisals Need A Professional VenueU
  • Useful Pensions Info from an Appraisal Lead
  • Secure Email Accounts for Appraisal Work
  • Low Volume of Clinical Work SRT
  • Feeding Back
  • Toolkit Update: Clarity/MAG4.2
  • Revalidation Dates
  • GP Retainer and Tier 2 Visa Licence info
  • Outgoing Appraisees: ‘Leaving Well
  • Cameron Fund 50th Anniversary
  • Admin Team Latest News
  • Wessex Appraisal Service Successes
  • Our Contact Details/Follow Us!

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