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Annual Appraiser Conferences 2021 - another successful year!

24 September 2021

Annual Appraiser Conferences 2021 - another successful year!

Once again, our 2021 Appraiser Conferences were held remotely and both were a great success. We'd have loved to see you all in person, but this was definitely the next best thing and they went better than we could have hoped.

We want to extend our thanks to everyone who entered the competition, and again say a huge thank you and CONGRATULATIONS to the winners! Dr Mark Rickenbach won Best Written Entry with his epic poem in support of Appraisal, and Dr Alison Gardiner won Best Video Entry with her hilarious appraisal between Dr Sue Perappraiser and Dr Issy Twine-Oclock (Dr Peter Doubt couldn't make it).

You really don't want to miss either of these, so do follow the link to find them both HERE on our Conference 2021 page - there was huge demand for them to be made available to all!

More bits and pieces from the 2021 event will soon be added to the Conference page, so do check back soon.