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Thinking Pitstops

The THINKING PITSTOPS webpage is currently undergoing re-design. In the meantime, this short and informative video provides an idea of its aims and objectives:

Thinking Pitstops is a voluntary project, aimed at NHS frontline staff, and is designed to provide 'a systemic approach for peer-to-peer support during the COVID-19 crisis, an effective peer-to-peer support matrix for decompression and clear thinking under pressure, and powerful peer-to-peer 'thinking pitstops' for high-pressure environments, just as pitstops in motor sport recharge and refuel, at pace, at crucial times.' 

Based on the work of author, consultant, and coach Nancy Kline on creating 'Thinking Environments' for high quality thinking, and combined with science-based principles of elite sports performance to create a deceptively simple package that takes 15 minutes to facilitate the first time, and 10 on subsequent occasions, Thinking Pitstops can 'shortcut' what might have taken days or weeks to think through into eight minutes of thinking.

Many GP Appraisers have already completed the Thinking Pitstops training, and are incorporating pitstops into their practice and their work, whatever teams they are currently part of. 

If they have the capacity to do so, we would love to see as many Appraisers as possible being given the opportunity to do the training while it is available and free of charge. Please share these details with your networks if you can, and encourage anyone who is interested to enrol by visiting (website currently undergoing a re-launch).

We hope that you find this deceptively simple intervention as powerful as we do, both as recipients and facilitators.