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The Appraisal Meeting

At your appraisal meeting, the discussion will be based upon the information that you have submitted.

The main focus of the discussion will vary but will tend to touch on all the areas mentioned previously in this Appraisees section. It will usually conclude with summarising agreed actions that you would like to take as a result of your appraisal reflections and in particular, next year’s Personal Development Plan (PDP) goals.

Your Appraiser will keep the details of your discussion confidential and will write up a summary of the meeting, which will then be sent back to you to agree. This Summary will contain output statements which enable the Appraiser to indicate to the relevant Responsible Officer that an appropriate appraisal has taken place in accordance with GMC guidelines, and that no issues have been raised which call into question any fitness to practice. When this is signed off by both the Appraiser and the Appraisee, it is sent to the Wessex Appraisal Service. Five consecutive years of satisfactory appraisals, including those legitimately missed for permitted reasons such as ill-health or parental leave, are required for successful Revalidation.