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Technology-Assisted Appraisals: Tips and Guidelines from NHSE/I

This information for all Appraisers is written by Dr Jonty West, Clinical Appraisal Lead NHSE/I SE.

Once Appraisals Resume:

  • No need to request permission - all appraisals are to be Technology-Assisted Appraisals (TAAs) until further notice
  • Appraisals must be via video - telephone appraisals are not acceptable
  • Please discuss with your Admin Team if you really feel face-to-face or telephone is necessary and/or appropriate

Which Technology?

  • We do not mandate which technology to use
  • Please see video-conferencing tools information sheets on our website
  • You should ensure that both parties are able to access and are comfortable with the technology to be used
  • Technology must function on the day - minimum 1.2 mbps
  • Technology needs to function well enough to simulate a face-to-face appraisal. You will need to be able to see and hear one another

Tips for Technology-Assisted Appraisals (TAAs):

  • Ensure you have all supporting information to hand 2 weeks in advance
  • Confirm the technology in advance:
    • Consider a pre-appraisal meeting to check everything works
    • Check lighting and background
    • Set ground rules, i.e. how long it is expected to take, ensure no interruptions, schedule appropriate breaks etc
  • If necessary, confirm your identities - passport/IDs
  • Advance plan for problems like poor connection - try reconnecting and, if necessary, re-arrange
  • Ensure you have each other's mobile numbers so you can communicate quickly and easily in the event of any issues

The Appraisal Summary:

  • Confirm that it was a TAA and the reason why
  • State in the summary:
    • The duration of the appraisal discussion
    • Which technology was used
    • Whether there were any interruption or connection issues and if you had to reconnect