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ROAN Covid

Dear Colleague

Responsible officer and appraisal networks – cascade of new information sheet.

Please find above new Responsible Officer and Appraisal Networks (ROAN) sheets for onward cascading:

Information sheet CV2: Coronavirus crisis: Governance of Returning Doctors

This contains helpful advice agreed by GMC and DHSC about the governance of doctors in this category.

When cascading please cc to the email you received it from for confirmation, as soon as practical (normally within one week).

ROAN information sheets are written on an ad hoc basis, on issues of relevance to responsible officers and their teams, medical appraisers and doctors. As each new sheet is added to the index, a new version of the index is then cascaded. The cascade is as follows:

  • Responsible Officers to their team and their appraisers
  • Appraisers may then signpost their doctors to the content of relevant sheets according to each doctor's circumstances
  • Recipients are encouraged to store for future reference

These information sheets are now available in plain text format on the NHS England website here. If however you require a pdf version, please let us know and we will send it separately.

MHPS Guidance during the coronavirus pandemic

We would also bring to your attention changes to NHS Resolution’s Practitioner Performance Advice website which reflect changes to Advice’s services during the pandemic, and include guidance on the implementation of MHPS during the crisis.

The guidance on the implementation of MHPS during the crisis has been produced in consultation with NHS Employers to provide some general interim guidance to NHS organisations regarding the managing of concerns in accordance with MHPS during the COVID-19 outbreak.

NHS Resolution’s Practitioner Performance Advice is aware of the intense pressure that frontline and management staff will be under during this time and the significant constraints on their time and have made suggestions about how concerns about performance should be managed at the moment, including emphasising that its services are available for support and advice as usual.

The guidance on the implementation of MHPS during the coronavirus pandemic is available directly here and also via the link immediately above.

Kind regards

Claire Brown

Senior Revalidation Manager | Regional Medical Directorate

NHS England and NHS Improvement – South East Region and

Premier House, 60 Caversham Road, Reading RG1 7EB