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ROAN36 and ROAN37

Dear colleague

Responsible officer and appraisal networks – cascade of new information sheets

We are pleased to attach new Responsible Officer and Appraisal Networks (ROAN) sheets for onward cascading:

  • Sheet no: 36 [Intercollegiate Safeguarding Guidelines]
  • Sheet no: 37 [Sharing Appraisal Information with employers]

Also attached is an updated index of information sheets, with ROAN 36 & 37 incorporated.

When cascading please cc to the email you received it from for confirmation, as soon as practical (normally within one week).


ROAN information sheets are written on an ad hoc basis, on issues of relevance to responsible officers and their teams, medical appraisers and doctors. As each new sheet is added to the index, a new version of the index is then cascaded. The cascade is as follows:

  • Central Professional Standards Team to Regional Teams
  • Regional teams to their responsible officers and regional appraisers.
  • Responsible officers to their team and their appraisers.
  • Appraisers may then signpost their doctors to the content of relevant sheets according to each doctor’s circumstances.
  • Recipients are encouraged to store the index for future reference, and to discard/archive previous versions.

All receiving offices are advised to:

  • maintain a circulation list for these sheets,
  • store them in a folder so you have the latest version available
  • have a designated team member whose role it is to cascade them
  • send on as soon as possible (ideally within a week), and
  • confirm that they have sent on by copying in the person who has sent it to them

​​​​​​​Information sheets are now available in plain text format on the NHS England website, at: If however you require a pdf version, these are available on our SharePoint site: . For those who don’t have a log-in for SharePoint, when you click on the link you should see a screen requesting access. This will come through to our team to approve, and as long as you have a Microsoft account (i.e. use outlook) then you will just be asked to sign in using your email address and password for that email address. Alternatively, email to request a copy of any information sheet in pdf format.