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Dear colleague

Responsible officer and appraisal networks – cascade of new information sheet

We are pleased to attach a new Responsible Officer and Appraisal Networks (ROAN) sheet for onward cascading:

  • 32 – Technology assisted appraisal.

Please note that following circulation of the final draft recently to the NHS England and Improvement teams, no team reported difficulty with the final sentence on telephone appraisal not being acceptable. This has therefore been adopted in the final version.

Also attached is an updated index of information sheets, dated 03/07/19.


ROAN information sheets are written on an ad hoc basis, on issues of relevance to responsible officers and their teams, medical appraisers and doctors. As each new sheet is added to the index, a new version of the index is then cascaded. The cascade is as follows:

  • Central Professional Standards Team to Regional Teams
  • Regional teams to their responsible officers and regional appraisers
  • Responsible officers to their team and their appraisers
  • Appraisers may then signpost their doctors to the content of relevant sheets according to each doctor’s circumstances
  • Recipients are encouraged to store the index for future reference, and to discard/archive previous versions

These information sheets are currently not available on the NHS England website due to the publications process, but we are trialling the use of a SharePoint site for these documents and other draft documents that are awaiting publication). The link is: For those who don’t have a log-in for SharePoint, when you click on the link you should see a screen requesting access. This will come through to our team to approve, and as long as you have a Microsoft account (i.e. use outlook) then you will just be asked to sign in using your email address and password for that email address.

Kind regards,


Regional Medical Directorate, Revalidation Team

NHS England and NHS Improvement – South East and South West Regions and

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