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Research in Progress

Emotional Intelligence Training for Medical Appraiser Skills Development

Dr Suma Chandy is researching 'Emotional Intelligence' (EI) and really needs your help. She asks that you watch a short YouTube video, which will tell you all about Emotional Intelligence, what it is, and why it matters.

Find it here:  Short YouTube video about EI (3 mins 42 secs)

Suma also plans to send out a pre-survey and post-survey very soon, so please look out for that and help her with her research if you can. She will be most grateful! (EDIT: pre-survey sent 20/10/2021).

Suma says:

"Great to see you on this page, welcome!

This research aims to look at the benefits of using Emotional Intelligence as a tool for Appraiser Skills Development in order to deliver the best Appraisal experience for the Appraisee. It draws on existing literature in the field of Education and Business. It would be great if you would be able to do the initial pre-survey and then dive into the Emotional Intelligence Toolkit which is an array of resources you can mould to your taste.

  1. Pre-Survey: To jump on the bandwagon, please complete a pre-survey:
  2. EI Toolkit: This is the fun bit. The EI toolkit includes a self-assessment online link. You may use the PDF version instead and score your EI (see A below). Please make a note of your scores which you can enter into the post-survey. Have a think about what you find and the next time you appraise, bear this in mind and reflect on the experience. Feel free to use the picture chart (at the end of this page) to visualise your own and your Appraisee’s emotions. Free comment in your post-survey afterwards.
  3. Post-survey: Let us know how it went in the post-survey, link will be sent to those completing the pre-survey.

Thank you for taking part and I do hope you will find this helpful in your everyday work and people encounters.

Look out for the completed research later this year.

Thank you!"


If you'd like to take part, please do a Self Assessment to start off with (A), record the results (B), and learn more about EI (C):

A) EI Self Assessment: 

How Emotionally Intelligent Are You? Boosting Your People Skills:

EI Alternative Self Assessment pdf sheet

B) Record your baseline scores and self-feedback by entering your results into the Post Toolkit Survey (to follow).

C) Employ what you've learned about EI at your next Appraisal. Here are some links to useful resources and further reading:


D) Finally, you may repeat your Emotional Intelligence assessment scoring.

Thank you for your help!