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  • Code of Conduct for Appraisees and Appraisers - ensuring that the responsibilities of both parties in the Appraisal relationship are clear.
  • Wessex Appraisal Service review of new GMC Guidance on Supporting Information for Appraisal & Revalidation - new GMC guidance on Supporting Information for Appraisal and Revalidation, published November 2020.
  • NHS England Reorganisation and Dorset - an email sent to all Dorset-based doctors on 11th March 2020 on behalf of Dr Caroline Gamlin, the (then) Responsible Officer for NHS England South West (Dorset).
  • Do overworked Doctors need appraisal the most? Key findings from a survey by Dr Sue Warren
  • Becoming an Appraiser - if you are passionate about Appraisal,  perhaps becoming an Appraiser yourself is something to consider! 
  • Information regarding Clinicians refusing the Coronavirus Vaccination - what needs to be considered when healthcare professionals decline the offer of a coronavirus vaccine?
  • Reducing COVID-19 Transmission - information from the BMA on assessing and mitigating risks for doctors who are not having the vaccine, and for doctors unable to wear masks.