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Filling in the Paperwork

This section is to help with those questions that you might have when completing your MAG form or your electronic platform.

This FAQ section should be cross referenced with those for Appraisees - Supporting Information and Engagement with Appraisal.

What is reflection?

Try to think about anything new that you have learned, or something that has struck you as a useful tool or idea to take to your practice. Try to explain how it will make a difference and what changes you will need to make in order to implement the idea. You could review it later and see if you can evidence examples of where it did make a difference, or if it eventually proved impractical for any reason such as: it took too long in practice, it needed a double appointment to use etc.

I need to complete my PDP but I’m struggling to make it SMART, is there any support or advice to help me with this process?
You can find a series of short clips made by the Appraisal Service here which you may find useful.

For my appraisal, I will be exploring a situation within the practice and possibly raising a concern. How can I find out who to contact about this?

NHS England South (Wessex) have produced a leaflet called Raising a concern - Advice for GPs which you can download.

How do I find out which Designated Body I belong to and who my Responsible Officer is?

This is simple to do. Go to the “My DB Tool” on the GMC website and you should be able to work out which is your designated body. Please refer to the GMC list of designated bodies which is annually updated and provides the RO contact details for each DB.

How do I find out my revalidation date?

This is very simple. Go to the GMC Online section of the GMC website.

You can set up an account very easily; all you will need is your GMC number and you can create a password. Once inside the GMC Online portal, simply slick on the “My Revalidation” tab and the information about your last and future revalidation dates will pop up.