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Designated Body and Responsible Officer

Your Designated Body (DB)

This is the organisation which will be responsible for your revalidation decision being made to the General Medical Council (GMC). They will likely provide you with your appraisal and help you with revalidation. Being connected with a Designated Body means you can be confident not only of support throughout the appraisal and revalidation processes, but also that you are working within an organisation that is committed to monitoring and improving the quality of it services and therefore, ultimately, patient care.

The GMC carries a list of Designated Bodies and Approved Suitable Persons - including Locum Agencies - HERE.

The Responsible Officer (RO)

The Responsible Officer of the Designated Body is the person who makes a recommendation about you, usually every five years, to the General Medical Council (GMC) that you are up-to-date, fit to practice, and should be revalidated. The Responsible Officer makes their recommendation to the GMC based upon your participation in appraisals throughout the five years, and the information that this provides to the RO about how you practice. If you are unsure about the identity of your Designated Body or RO, please contact us and we will help.

In order to check your current alignment, please visit GMC online.


Responsible Officers for the South East and South West

For the Wessex Appraisal Service region, ROs are currently Shahed Ahmad for the South East (Hants/IOW) and Kheelna Bavalia for the South West (Dorset). You can contact Shahed Ahmad directly on, and Kheelna Bavalia on