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MARCH 2022:

If you are a Dorset doctor in your first 5 years since qualification, you may find this initiative of support:

GP/Clinical Lead, Dr Sarnia Ward of Our Dorset Training Hub, has asked us to share the following with our Appraisers, to make them aware of the support available for GPs in Dorset in their first 5 years of work post-qualification. She tells us:

"The Dorset Primary Care Training Hub hosts a network for First 5 GPs working in Dorset. This includes a monthly evening meeting for CPD and peer networking, access to a WhatsApp group, and MS Teams site. To find out more information and register for the network, please visit Dorset GP First 5 Network - Dorset Primary Care Training Hub ( .

According to their website:

"Here in Dorset, we offer a network for GPs in their first 5 years post-qualifying. This network offers monthly sessions which include guest speakers, small group discussions, and peer support. As a member of the network, you will be able to attend Dorset GP First 5 Network events, you will receive the Primary Care Training Hub update emails keeping you informed of other development opportunities and, as members, you will be asked to contribute your feedback and ideas to help us develop our support for GPs in Dorset."

If this is applicable to you, please do visit the Dorset GP First 5 Network site HERE to take a look at what's on offer.

You can also email them at for further information.

We urge our Appraisers to please make their more newly-qualified Dorset Appraisees aware of this initiative where possible.