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Filling in the Paperwork

This section is to help appraisers with those questions that you might have when completing appraisal documentation

This FAQ section should be cross-referenced with those for Appraisers - Supporting Information and Engagement with Appraisal.

I am due to appraise a doctor who has completed their work in both the NHS and as a private GP. Do they still need an appraisal?

As the doctor has confirmed they work for the NHS, they will require an appraisal with us.

If they plan to completely move to become a private GP, they can request to be removed from the National Performers’ List. They are required to complete an annual appraisal but this would not necessarily have to be with Wessex Appraisal Service. There are various other organisations they can approach. Alternatively, they can request to remain to be appraised with Wessex Appraisal Service as an independent doctor.

I have an appraisal scheduled for this week, however I have just found out the doctor has not worked within the UK for more than a year. How should I proceed?

If the doctor is still registered on the National Performers’ List, proceed and continue with the appraisal.

The supporting information must relate to the actual scope of work and cover the whole scope of work. Any intention to extend the scope of work (eg NHS sessions where there has been a gap) should lead to a plan for how to be up-to-date and fit to practice to start/restart that role, and should almost certainly be included in the PDP.

Be sure to confirm the facts surrounding the reasons why the doctor has not worked within the UK for this extended period of time and inform the RO via the contact e-mail address

If the doctor has no further intention to work within the UK, they must contact NHS England to be withdrawn from the relevant records.

I have appraised a doctor who has not worked in the UK for more than one year. Is there anything I need to be aware of?

You need to let the RO team know of any doctor who has not worked as a UK GP for more than a year, and you should remind the doctor that they are obliged to inform them of any changes. The feedback they provide as part of the supporting information should be based on UK general practice. If the doctor is completely out of the UK for more than one year, they should be coming off the National Performers’  List and relinquishing their GMC licence to practice.

You may wish to direct the doctor to this NPL3 form which they will be required to complete in order to come off the NPL. For information concerning re-entering the UK workforce, this GP Induction & Refresher article may be of use. 

I have appraised a doctor who has no designated body. What more do I have to do?

As for all your appraisals, once completed and signed off, you must ensure that the office has a copy of or access to these documents.

The doctor may ask you at the time of completion of the appraisal to complete a Rev 12 form from the GMC. This is a standard form where the doctor fills in sections 1 and 2 and you, as the appraiser, complete sections 3 and 4.
Your sections relate to the appraisal you will have recently completed with the doctor. Once you have done this, the form is returned to the doctor for them to submit to the GMC with their other appraisal evidence.