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Appraisal Portfolio Preparation

Resources to Support Reflective Practice

appraisal portfolio prep

This page is designed to act as a prompt/aide-memoire for doctors who are preparing for their appraisals, and for appraisers who may be asked for advice and guidance by their doctors as to what might reasonably be included in a portfolio of supporting information.

There are six types of supporting information that you will be expected to provide and discuss at your appraisal at least once in each five year cycle:

  1. Continuing professional development
  2. Quality improvement activity
  3. Significant events
  4. Feedback from colleagues
  5. Feedback from patients
  6. Review of complaints and compliments

For simplicity, however, this page is divided into the same domains of Good Medical Practice as will be referred to in the appraisal process (and eventual write-up).

This is a work in progress, and additional items may be added as and when they arise. If you have any suggestions about other information which might be used to support an appraisal portfolio, please inform the team.

Knowledge, Skills and Performance

Safety and Quality

Communication, Partnership and Teamwork

Maintaining Trust