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Preparation of Your Appraisal Portfolio

Resources to Support Reflective Practice

This page is designed to act as a prompt/aide-memoire for doctors who are preparing for their appraisals. It is also useful for Appraisers, who may be asked for advice and guidance by their doctors as to what might reasonably be included in a portfolio of Supporting Information.

There are six types of Supporting Information that you will be expected to provide and discuss at your appraisal at least once in each five year cycle:

  1. Continuing professional development (CPD)*
  2. Quality improvement activity (QIA)
  3. Significant events (SE)
  4. Feedback from colleagues
  5. Feedback from patients
  6. Review of complaints and compliments

*CPD: there is no specific requirement for documenting credits. Only make a note on aspects you would particularly like to discuss during the appraisal.

Please click on the thumbnail below to view 'What to include in your Appraisal', a useful information sheet with guidelines for time-efficient Appraisal preparation.



You can also visit our Appraisal 2020 tab for further guidance and information, including the current AoMRC template.

The Appraisal Process's Summary of Discussion write-up is divided into the same four main domains that are laid out and accepted as Good Medical Practice:

  1. Knowledge, Skills, and Performance
  2. Safety and Quality
  3. Communication, Partnership, and Teamwork
  4. Maintaining Trust

Find lots more information on these four important domains the GMC's Good Medical Practice guide HERE.

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant disruption to the ability of most doctors to collect Supporting Information. This has been recognised in the appraisal process. From October 2020, in recognition of the professionalism displayed by doctors in their response to the COVID emergency, appraisal re-launched with a reduced requirement for documentation. There is a small portfolio of focused, written reflection required pre-appraisal, based on the new Medical Appraisal 2020 template. Doctors need to remain aware of their responsibilities under Good Medical Practice but can be assured that their verbal reflection during the discussion will be sufficient at this time.

If you'd like to download the template, please click HERE to visit the AoMRC website.