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Appraisal Date and Venue

Following our Notification email to you, you should contact your Appraiser as soon as possible and agree a mutually-convenient date, time, and venue for your Appraisal discussion to take place. Your Appraisal discussion is very important, and you should ensure that you have allowed at least three hours for it.

Your Appraisal should ideally be within 12 months of your last. However, as things can change during any period, it may be appropriate to:

  • Bring your appraisal forward to accommodate a planned period of time out of work (ie maternity leave, sabbatical): If this is the case, we would appreciate knowing as soon as possible, to enable us to inform your Appraiser, who can adjust their planned work and we can make the change to our records. Please note that bringing your Appraisal forward will move your nominated Appraisal going forward. Please email your Appraisal Administrator.
  • Push your appraisal back due to unplanned leave (usually over two months) due to sickness, for example: To do this, the Approved Missed/Postponement Request Form will need to be completed and sent in by either yourself or your Appraisal Administrator (with your approval of the information), who will move that through the process to confirmation from the senior WAS team and/or DB. If there are some concerns, your nominated Appraisal month will move back too but it would be normal for it to return to your usual month.
  • Apply for an Approved Missed Appraisal if unable to complete your Appraisal as you usually would, due to long-term sick leave, timing issues with maternity leave, etc: You or your Appraisal Administrator will need to complete the Approved Missed/Postponement Request Form. Again, they will follow the process through to confirmation from your DB of this.

COVID-19 means that all Appraisals are expected to be held remotely until further notice: 

During the current pandemic, it is essential that the risk of transmitting the virus between healthcare settings is minimised. NHS England has asked that, for the foreseeable future, all Primary Care Appraisals should take place as 'remote' or Technology-Assisted Appraisals (TAA). Most of us are now very used to holding meetings via video-conferencing, but appraisers are being trained to set this up if you are not able to do so. The choice of platform is entirely up to the two of you as professionals who are fully aware of GDPR guidance regarding handling potentially personal and sensitive information. It is vital that you are confident that you will have privacy and freedom from interruptions and access to the internet and any other resources you might need. There is no need to complete any additional documentation as it is assumed that you will be able to agree an appropriate date, time, and platform for your remote appraisal.

If you are really having problems for any reason, please let us know on and we will try to help.