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Appraisal Date and Venue

Following our notification to you, you should contact your appraiser as soon as possible and agree a mutually convenient date, time and place for your appraisal discussion to take place. Your appraisal discussion is important, and you should ensure that you have allowed at least three hours for it.

Your appraisal should ideally be within 12 months of your last. However, as things can change during any period it may be appropriate to:

Bring your appraisal forward: to accommodate a planned period of time out of work (i.e. maternity leave, sabbatical) and if this is the case we would appreciate knowing that you would like to do this as soon as possible so that we can inform your appraiser so they can adjust their planned work and we can make the change to our records. Please note that bringing your appraisal forward will move your nominated appraisal going forward. Please email your Appraisal Administrator.

Push your appraisal back: due to unplanned leave (usually over two months) due to sickness, for example. To do this you will need to complete the Approved Missed / Postponement Request Form and forward to your Appraisal Administrator who will move that through the process (to confirmation from the senior WAS team and/or DB). If there are some concerns your nominated appraisal month will move back too but it would be usual for it to return to your usual month.

Apply for an Approved Missed Appraisal: because you are unable to complete your appraisal as you usually would due to long term sick leave, timing issues with maternity leave etc. You will need to complete the Approved Missed / Postponement Request Form and send to your Appraisal Administrator. Again, they will follow the process through to confirmation from your DB of this.

The venue you choose should be professional, and must allow for uninterrupted confidential conversation, with full access to the internet and other resources you might need. It is important that your appraisal takes place within normal working hours, so that both you and your appraiser are fresh to concentrate on your discussion. It would be usual for the venue to be the practice for either the appraisee or appraiser, or an alternative work venue. As a last resort you may request to use an alternative non-work venue or in exceptional cases to complete a technology assisted appraisal. This can only be confirmed with the approval of your DB (in many cases WAS has the devolved right to confirm this). Therefore, should you wish to make this request you will need to complete the Alternative Venue Appraisal Request Form. Once completed this should be emailed to your Appraisal Administrator for agreement.