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Analysis of the Wellbeing of GPs Across Wessex According to Appraisal Documentation

AUTHOR and Collaborators: DR COLLEEN WYLIE, Jools Mumford

Dear Wessex GP ....... How are you?

Colleen, one of our 2021/22 GP Fellows, looked at the question of Appraisee Wellbeing. She examined data contained in the documentation of 100 April/May 2021 appraisals, specifically related to the question: "On a scale of 1-10, how are you?" and asked:

  • Can the “How are you?” question in the appraisal help us gather evidence about what’s having a negative impact on GP wellbeing locally?
  • Is the question valuable?
  • Are people using appraisal as a way of discussing their wellbeing?
  • Can we use this information to help GP wellbeing, boost morale, find ways to protect our workforce and do more to support GPs?

She looked at some of the positive and negative themes that ran through the comments provided by Appraisees in this section of their documentation, as well as factors such as gender and role (eg. locum, salaried GP...). She used her findings to answer the question "Is the Professional and Personal wellbeing section on appraisal useful?". Click on the link below to have a look at what she found.