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Already an Appraiser and Checking on your Training Requirements?

Once you’ve successfully trained with us, it is a mandatory requirement that you attend and complete a Current Appraiser Skills Assessment (CASA) course 3 years on from your initial training. After completing the Current Appraiser Skills Assessment for the first time, you will then be required to repeat it every 5 years.

This one-day course provides experienced appraisers with an exciting and challenging opportunity to benchmark their existing appraiser skills against nationally-agreed competencies. By including direct observation and individual feedback, this day allows appraisers to demonstrate their existing skills and to develop them further.

If you are an appraiser and you don’t think you’ve completed this training in the required timings outlined above, please do email the Training Administrators to check.

There is also the Appraiser Skills Development Workshop. This one-day workshop is designed for those who have already successfully demonstrated their competencies through New Appraiser and/or Current Appraiser Skills Assessment courses, and who wish to continue to refine and extend their skills. An Advanced Appraiser Skills Workshop will use the experiences of the delegates and some highly-trained actors to allow an exploration of different approaches to behavioural issues, as well as looking at other hot topics.

Please note that this course is not assessed and is not a substitute for completion of the Current Appraiser Skills Assessment course. It is an opportunity to review and develop further skills.

If you would like to attend this course, please email the Training Administrators to find out when the next courses are scheduled to run.